Mac or maybelline

Maybelline vs Mac I love my Mac lipsticks but often times I find their other products overpriced; overhyped and just not worth it. Again — the only real difference is the shininess of the Maybelline, verses the extremely matte of the MAC one.

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Mac or maybelline up, sorry for the terrible photo quality. I have both the liquid and powder so I can switch between a heavy or light look.

Mac or L’oreal or Maybelline Gel Liner?

I will take extra good care of this precious little brush! MAC is darker on left. Both the liquid and powder offer both a light and heavy look. Today is going to be all about foundation!

Is it a dupe? MAC Fluidline vs. Maybelline Gel Liner

Here is the bad news: I had to brush over it a few times and brushing over it sometimes seemed to make it worse. However, what I love about it is that Mac or maybelline really is moisturizing and leaves your lips with a little bit of shine.

Takes me a little longer to blend Maybelline: May 28, Pretty Thrifty: Great for everyday natural makeup and the powder is easier to pack for daily touchups if needed Feel Mac: I only have to use a little bit to get a flawless finish Overall I love my Maybelline fit me foundation way better.

First up, I put a very basic face on.

Splurge or Save?| MAC Studio Moisture Tint vs. Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream

The gel liner itself went on like a dream. Find it at drugstores everywhere. It is small and fine, not like a traditional thin liner brush but more like a cross between one of those and an angle brush. So the price makes Maybelline the winner in this face off. I tried to take photos as best as possible to allow for the colors to be compared as perfectly as possible.

This post was originally done on my old blog, but due to migration issues it was not transferred over to the new site. One set with flash and the other without so you can see how similar they are. I love the stain — because I can add a little bit of lip balm over it and still have a vibrant color after the lipstick has rubbed off.

Pretty Thrifty: Maybelline vs Mac

Shown side by side above — the lip swatches show the different sheen of the lipsticks really well. Both liners had fantastic lasting power and did not smudge. Here is the low low on both products Finished Look Mac: Friday, 17 May Gel Eyeliner! I would hate to count how many products I have from both of these incredible lines.

I felt like I needed to go over the black line quite a few times. October 26, Phew, what an emotional rollercoaster this was! It meant that it was hard to work with and went a bit cakey fairly quickly. The pictures I took with my Lumix point and shoot are garbage so I scrapped them. Now — I am very very anal when it comes to comparing colors and providing a dupe for one or the other, because many times people look at a color and think it is the same when their sheens are different, their textures and their all around color turns out to be different when applied.

Even with the transfer, the Maybelline product is the clear winner here ladies and gentlemen. You win this round, MAC. I thought it was great! Even when I wear the liquid foundation it still feels very fresh. All is fair in love and sportsso please check out the links below for both the ultra-fantastic MAC Cosmetics and that drugstore classic, Maybelline.

Every girl; no matter what brand your loyal too has walked into a store looking to get one thing in my case lipstick and walked out with something they didnt need-Mac foundation.For half the cost of the MAC lipstick (MAC’s lippies are $ and Maybelline’s I got mine for $ at Kmart) – I thought it was a deal.

I hope this helps any of you that have been wondering or interested in this possible dupe. I like Maybelline for mascara, L'Oréal for nail polish, Mac or Clinique for foundation, and oil of Olay for skin moisturizer.

Everyone is an individual and their coloring makes for the decision, not the name.

DUPE ALERT: MAC’s Candy Yum Yum vs. Maybelline’s Fuchsia Flash

Which Gel Liner is your favourite? There is Mac, Loreal, Maybelline, Inglot, Bobbi Brown, Essence Out of the three i have tried (the 3 mentioned in the title), i found the L’oreal one the best- so creamy and smooth.

View Homework Help - MAC vs. Maybelline from OLPD at University of Minnesota. Danielle Palmer OLPD Sec Reaction Paper #4 MAC vs. Maybelline For our class Group Project, my group wanted%(1).

After many samples from different cosmetic counters I finally settled on MAC’s Studio Moisture Tint and had been wearing that foundation for about 2 tubes.

Late last year I randomly strolled through the cosmetics aisle and decided to try the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream. Considering MAC’s strong pigments and Maybelline’s ‘Great Lash’ mascara, they both have their similarities and differences.

MAC is the 4th on the top 50 best selling makeup cosmetics in the world.

Mac or maybelline
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